Visit The 6 Hottest Tourist Attractions In Luzon By Purchasing Cheap Flights To Manila Online

Have you ever imaged what it would be like to ride the Space Shuttle Rollercoaster in Enchanted Kingdom? Do you know how to feels to be bundled in jackets and scarves to warm yourself from the cold Baguio night breeze? Well now, you do not really need to wonder anymore because there are many airline companies offering cheap flights to Manila wherever you are in the country. You can buy tickets online to visit the hottest tourist attractions every Filipino must see and experience. Read on below and add these to your list of places to visit in Luzon.

1. Enchanted Kingdom, Santa Rosa, Laguna – This is one urban attraction you must see and visit. Enchanted Kingdom opened in 1995 and until now, no other theme park in the country is providing Filipinos thrilling rides, scenic views, and magical experience like it does. Treat your family to one great adventure with the theme park’s most popular rides: Flying Fiesta, Grand Carousel, Space Shuttle, Rio Grande Rapids, Log Jam, Wheel of Fate, and EKstreme Tower Ride. Book flights to Manila on the Internet to experience it soon.

2. Baguio City -Going to this city rising 1,500 meters above sea level is always a memorable experience. Reaching Baguio takes a 5-6 hour drive from Manila passing NLEX and through Kennon Road. Visitors roam around the ‘summer capital’ visiting major tourist spots such as the Burnham Park, Baguio Botanical Garden, the Mansion House, Club John Hay, and Mines View Park. Quick flights to Manila can get you strolling around the city soon.

3. Bangui Windmill Farm, Ilocos Norte – The Philippines is the most suitable place to utilize renewable energy to harness the energy of the wind and sun. This makes the Bangui Windmills in Ilocos Norte famous. Located t the North West tip of Luzon, it takes approximately an hour and a half from Laoag to reach Bangui Windmill Farm. This is the first wind farm in the country as it produces 40% of the electricity requirements of Ilocos Norte.

4. Pagsanjan Falls, Pagsanjan, Laguna -Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna is among the most famous waterfalls in the country. To get to the falls, you have to ride a dugout canoe and travel along the exciting rapids of Pagsanjan River. After taking cheap flights to Manila, it takes around two hours to get to Pansanjan via private vehicle or bus.

5. Luneta Park, Manila – This is one of the most well-known parks in the Philippines. The park features the monument of Dr. Jose Rizal, the National Hero of the Philippines. Apart from that, visitors can take pictures of the Philippines Relief Map and more. There are also laser and fountain shows during the holidays and weekends.

6. Taal Volcano and Tagaytay City – The smallest volcano in the world is Taal Volcano which can be best viewed from the ridges of Tagaytay City. Tagaytay is one of the coolest places near Manila you can reach from Manila after one and half to two hours of travel. Don’t forget to try the famous Tagaytay especialty, “bulalo” soup, when you visit.

With cheap flights to Manila rampant online, anyone can go to Luzon even on a weekend. Bring your family or friends along when you visit these places and make sure you include these tourist destinations to make them enjoyable and worthwhile.

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