Acing The Interview With Keywords

An interview is just like meeting someone for the first time. Building instant, deep rapport is essential. One of the best and fastest ways of achieving subconscious rapport is by using keywords.

Keywords are the specific words that are most important to you in the entire universe when you describe something. These words are from your heart and anyone who uses the same words in the same context is automatically connected to you on a deep subconscious level.

So here are a few questions for you. Quickly answer these questions: What three things do you like about yourself? What three things do you look for in a relationship? What three things do you do for fun? Name three ways you know you are happy, sad. If you had million dollars what three things would you do with the money? What three things do you looking for in a great job? Keywords pop out from the subconscious without thinking, without a pause, and without censorship.

So during an interview, as soon as possible ask, �What three qualities are you looking for in this job?� If the person answers, �We are looking for someone who is responsible, willing to grow, and a team player.� You now know exactly what their major hot buttons are. These are the words and phrases to talk about and repeat back during the interview process.

Keywords are meant to be repeated back exactly as they are spoken. So when someone says we are looking for a �team player� you give examples of how you are a team player. I.e. as a �team player� we did this�. And not that you work well in a group, or you prefer to work alone.

Think about this, if you were doing ten interviews with ten equally qualified people, who would you hire; the nine who looked and sounded the same and made no impact on you, or the one you felt a deep connection with? The one who understood you, what you wanted and the one you trusted and cared about you will stand out.

You can even take this a step further. What if an interviewer says, �We want somebody who is responsible, willing to grow, and is a team player.� If you ask, �Specifically, what do you mean by willing to grow?� you are reinforcing rapport and zeroing in on the most important qualities the interviewer is looking for in a candidate.

Action: the next time you are with a friend ask them what three things they like about themselves, or their life, or school, or their favorite activity. Listen to their answer and identify their keywords.

Try using their keywords in the conversation. How does the level of communication change?

Pick one of the keywords and ask, �Specifically, what do you mean by ___.� How does the conversation change?

Keywords increases your understanding of what the interviewer is looking for in a job setting, but also allows you to stand out from all the other candidates by achieving a deep rapport built on caring and trust.

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