One-way Traffic: Reasons, Makings And Location Of One Way Streets

One-way traffic is defined as traffic that moves in one direction. One-way streets are specific streets that are designed to only allow traffic to flow in one direction. There are several reasons that a street or streets will be made into one-way.

Reasons for One Way Streets/Traffic

There are many reasons that streets are designed to have a one way flow of traffic. One of the reasons may be that the street was built too narrowly to allow for cars to move in each direction. Another reason for a one way street is to help prevent the incidents of people cutting through residential areas in order to get around traffic lights and other street traffic signs. Divided highways are forms of one way traffic. A divided highway offers a pair of one way roads that run parallel to each other in the opposite

One way traffic also helps eliminate the need for a center turn lane, which
can often times be dangerous. This space can be used for travel instead. In addition, one-way traffic will eliminate turns in front of oncoming traffic, making the road safer for travel. This type of road will also help reduce traffic and increase the flow of the traffic that is on the road. One of the major advantages of one way streets are there is no need to watch for vehicles coming in the opposite direction.

Markings of a One Way Street

There are several types of signs that can be used to mark the direction that a car is allowed to travel in down specific roads. One of the most commonly used signs is an upward arrow. An arrow to the left and one to the right can be used at a T-junction to direct traffic into the right direction.

When a street turns into a one-way street at some point, there may be a �do not enter� sign placed at the end of the road. Other signs that may be used in this situation are �wrong way� or �no entry.� Sometimes a round sign colored red with a horizontal white stripe slashed through it may be used as well.

Location of One Way Streets/Traffic

There are one way streets located in nearly every city and town in the world. These streets are designed to help smooth the flow of traffic. The use of one way traffic laws can be essential, especially in larger towns and cities that have a high rate of traffic flow at certain peak hours of the day. One way streets can be designed to create a type of grid within the heart of a city, helping eliminate right turns when driving on the left and left turns when driving on the right. Traffic lights can be coordinated to produce a �green wave� allowing the continuous flow of traffic through the area.

One way traffic has become essential, especially in large cities. Keeping the flow of traffic going in one direction can help eliminate head on collisions and keep traffic flowing more smoothly.

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