Discover The Inca’s History And Book Peru Hotels

Lima department is the first destination when tourists visit Peru. However, Lima doesn’t have the most touristic places; Cusco is the city with more archaeological sites. Let’s begin our exploration in Lima or The City of Kings. Located in the western area of the country, Lima is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Founded by the Spanish conqueror, Francisco Pizarro, Lima is considered a Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO. Peru Hotels are excellent options to stay in the town.

The Main Square is situated in Lima downtown. Palace Government, Main Hall and The Cathedral are located in the same area. If you book a room in Peru Hotels, you will be near the main Lima’s attractions. Peru is a religious country with numerous colonial churches such as San Francisco, Santo Domingo, La Merced, Las Nazarenas, San Pedro, San Agustn, Los Descalzos, San Marcelo and Santa Rosa. Ayacucho, a department located in the Sierra is famous for its 33 ancient churches, if you have the opportunity to visit Ayacucho, do it.

Some religious festivities take place in Ayacucho; the most recognized one is the Holy Week. Ayacucho is located 9 hours from Lima by bus and 40 minutes by airplane. For more references about Peru’s departments you should buy a travel guide or a good map. Peru Hotels offer a personal service and modern room’s amenities. Come here, prices are at the reach of your hands.

Finally, you can’t say good bye to Lima if you don’t taste its typical dishes. The Peruvian gastronomy is recognized in the entire globe, it is almost as delicious as French or Mexican food. Peru is waiting for you; don’t forget to explore Cusco and Machu Picchu.

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