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You will find an almost unending array of ways to spend your time the moment you board your Hawaiian Cruise. You will be entertained and engaged by an impressive array of tasty restaurants fun activities and amazing shows that will guarantee that your trip will not be boring. Stops in ports such as Kauai Maui Hilo and Kona will keep you busy while on shore. The climate is pleasant all year round so even just hanging out is a pleasant experience.

Now our 50th state Hawaii has become a cosmopolitan flavor reflecting elements of cultures found around the world. The island of Hawaii was first settled around 1300 years ago. Each island in the chain has a different feel but all retain the spirit of Aloha. The Hawaiian people are legendary for its hospitality and kindness.

There are many smaller islands that make up the Hawaiian Islands and each one has its own flavor. You can find the Kilauea crater on the island of Hawaii. Legend has it that the fire goddess Pele makes her home in the crater. For nature buffs Honolulu is a must see. For amazing natural beauty and water facilities visit Maui.

So many people assume that a Hawaiian cruise is just sunshine and sandy beaches. But look beyond your swimsuit when filling your suitcase. Although you will be spending plenty of time walking along the warm beaches there are so many other attractions and activities in which to partake. Pack some tank tops shorts and a sundress or two. However you should also pack a wind breaker and perhaps a pair or two of pants as well. Believe it or not Hawaii has cooler days as well. A little forethought can keep you from getting caught off guard. By all means bring a good book and some sun screen as well. You should also think about bringing a camera and some music to listen to as well.

It’s always good to remember that while at sea good health care will be limited. This is especially true if your cruise itinerary contains long stretches at sea. Make sure that you not only have enough of your standard medications but that you also have an extra supply for unexpected situations. Don’t forget to confirm with your physician that your regular medications will not react poorly to any types of sea sickness pills. While a Hawaiian cruise may seem like a once in a lifetime opportunity it is not the time to push yourself beyond your physical limitations. While it is good to come prepared you dont need to pack your entire medicine cabinet. You will want to make sure that you are able to appreciate everything your vacation has to offer. Bring your basics and have a great time.

Keep in mind that there is a wide range of activities both on board your ship as well as in port so remember to research what each Hawaiian cruise package has to offer you and your family. Do a little research before booking your Hawaiian cruise to ensure that the itinerary and amenities match your expectations. With the wide variety of packages available you should have no trouble finding the perfect fit for you and your family. You and your family should have no trouble finding a vacation package that fits your needs there are many from which to choose. Seasoned cruisers and novices alike will be surprised by the exciting offers out there. Even the seasoned cruiser will still be surprised by what there is to offer. As soon as you reserve your Hawaiian cruise you will be on your way to delicious cuisine friendly locals and fantastic scenery.

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