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How well do you know Arizona? In your many years of stay in this beautiful and picturesque state, were you able to travel and explore all that Arizona has to offer? Moreover, have you ever noticed the architectural designs of the Arizona bridges when you cross one? Arizona is not just the home of stunning desert landscapes and picturesque mountain views, it is also known for its impressive and elegantly designed bridges.

So let’s hit the road and have a tour of some of the famous bridges around Arizona.

– London Bridge:

Located in the Lake Havasu City, London Bridge is a reinforced concrete structure clad in the original masonry of the 1830’s bridge which was brought from the city of London. The blocks then shipped overseas through the Panama Canal to California and trucked from Long Beach to Arizona. The reconstruction took 3 years and was completed in the late 1971.

London Bridge and the Lake Havasu have gained its reputation as the recreation of the Southwest because of its ideal climate, captivating scenery and beautiful mountains and azure waters of the Colorado River. Next to Grand Canyon, London Bridge is the second largest attraction in Arizona.

– Soleri Bridge:

Named after the famous artist, architect and philosopher Paolo Soleri, Soleri Bridge and Plaza was once a pedestrian passage and a gathering place along the Scottsdale Waterfront. The bridge demonstrates the importance of solar movement and features two steel-clad high pylons that create a shaft of light. The bridge and plaza also feature the largest assemblage of Soleri’s world-famous wind bells.

– Mill Avenue Bridge:

Just south of Scottsdale in Tempe is the Mill Avenue Bridge. The bridge is significant for both its method of construction and artistry of design. The bridge includes two rail bridges slightly downstream from the motor-traffic bridges: a railroad bridge of many decades’ standing, and a new bridge to accommodate the Phoenix Light Rail System.

– Navajo Bridge:

The Navajo Bridge is located on Highway 89A. Those traveling across the country on Highway 89A between Bitter Springs and Jacob Lake AZ arrive at two bridges similar in appearance spanning the Colorado River. These two bridges, one historic and one new, represent one of only seven land crossings of the Colorado River for 750 miles. Navajo Bridge is approximately 9 miles from the Cliff Dwellers Lodge. Aside from the Glen Canyon Dam, this is the only roadway crossing in the Grand Canyon for over 600 miles. You may also walk across the historic bridge, which offers perfect photography opportunities.

While we know about a little history and the architectural designs of some of Arizona Bridges, make sure to spare some time to visit the bridges while you can – Arizona bridges does not only connect places, it also connects us to where we truly belong.

Carefree AZ Real Estate | Real Estate Carefree:

Carefree AZ real estate is located in the lush upper Sonoran landscape where the residents enjoy the natural wonders of the area. The boulder outcroppings are distinctive, look closely and you can see a formation that looks like a snowman and you don’t have to experience the cold weather to enjoy it. The natural wildlife is abundant with various species of colorful birds to the Arizona roadrunner that runs like a flash to get from one place to another. You’ll see the occasional coyote and other wildlife that are indigenous to the area. If you don’t see them you might hear them serenading one another at night.

Nestled in the heart of this grandeur is the pedestrian friendly town of Carefree, AZ where it boasts of it’s culinary delights and tests your ability to shop until you drop. The motto of Carefree is “Home of Cowboys and Caviar, Where the Old West meets the New.

For those that are active outdoor enthusiasts you don’t have far to go for golf, hiking, biking, horse back riding, fishing and boating. It’s just a little bit of paradise where Carefree real estate is integrated into the area to appreciate the outdoor and amenities of the area. It’s a great place to live.

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